The more it’s being investigated, the more the people in Flint, Michigan, are learning that their Governor (Rick Snyder) and other government officials were well aware of the POISON in their water system. Now, the future of thousands of children—thousands of families are UNCERTAIN. The City of Flint, Michigan is in a CRISIS. In the words of United States President Barak Obama, “As a parent, I would be beside myself.”

The role of The Florida Bar is to serve to PROTECT the PUBLIC from UNETHICAL LAWYERS. Regulation of Lawyer Conduct: Processing and investigation of inquiries and complaints are a basic responsibility of the Bar as MANDATED by the FLORIDA SUPREME COURT. The Bar serves to PROTECT the PUBLIC from UNETHICAL LAWYERS.


State contracts with private prisons guarantee them a “90 PERCENT OCCUPANCY RATE.”


Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission is an independent agency, separate from the Florida Supreme Court. Five of its fifteen members are chosen by the elected governor (Governor Rick Scott); and the Judicial Qualifications Commission OPERATES UNDER RULES IT ESTABLISHES FOR ITSELF. The role of the Judicial Qualifications Commission is to solely investigate alleged MISCONDUCT OF FLORIDA STATE JUDGES (not federal judges or judges in other states).


How many parents have lost monenosue.org/jqc-judicial-qualifications-commissiony to attorneys trying to defend their children?

DeShon Thomas was 17-years-old when he was charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder, Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent, Cultivation of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. DeShon’s mother is a single mother of four and grandmother of one. After the Courts made DeShon and his mother believed that DeShon was not court appointed an attorney, DeShon and DeShon’s mother signed a Contract for Service with Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings—who had been soliciting DeShon’s mother knowing that the Courts had appointed DeShon an attorney. Over a period of sixteen months, DeShon’s mother paid Gregory Cummings nearly $30,000. Gregory Cummings repeatedly failed to disclose information to DeShon—such as due diligence—informing DeShon that he had a lawyer at the time of Gregory Cummings soliciting him and his mother; and disclosing both victims’ autopsy reports and DeShon’s AT&T cell phone records. When DeShon fired Gregory Cummings and then learned of all of the acts of MISCONDUCT that occurred before and after Gregory Cummings was hired, DeShon filed a complaint against Gregory Cummings. In Gregory Cummings rebuttal to DeShon’s complaint, Gregory Cummings clearly states where he violated several of The Florida Bar rules. Instead of The Florida Bar addressing the misconduct, seemingly, The Florida Bar has chosen to ignore DeShon—a child attempting to utilize an adult professional to save his life from judicial system.

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission OPERATES UNDER RULES IT ESTABLISHES FOR ITSELF. There have been many cases when the Judicial Qualifications Commission has found judges to have “a pattern of misconduct” that brought about harm to the public and legal community—and after the Judicial Qualifications Commission filed legal documents with the Florida Supreme Court to support their own findings in order to have the judge disciplined, at the last minute, the Judicial Qualifications Commission instead asked the Florida Supreme Court to order the judge to “Involuntary Retirement.”


In 2015, the Judicial Qualifications Commission found Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford to have “a pattern of misconduct” for at least two years of her service on the bench. Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford had presided over a Death Penalty case within the timeframe. After the Judicial Qualifications Commission submitted their legal documents supporting their findings—including information from an attorney who admitted to acts of misconduct under the direction of Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford—the Judicial Qualifications Commission asked the Florida Supreme Court to order Jackie Fulford to “Involuntary Retirement.”


According to the Miami Herald, in 2013, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill aimed at accelerating the speed of the death penalty process—dubbed “the Timely Justice Act” which requires governors to sign death warrants 30 days after the Florida Supreme Court certifies that an inmate has exhausted his legal appeals and clemency review—requires the state to execute the defendant within six months.



In 2002, in a 7-2 decision in the case of Ring vs. Arizona, the United States Supreme Court held that a defendant has the right to have a jury, rather than a judge, decide on the existence of an aggravating factor that makes the defendant eligible for the death penalty. In its decision, the Court held that a death sentence where the necessary aggravating factors are determined by a judge violates a defendant’s constitutional rights to a trial by jury. “Supreme Court Declares Defendants Have a Right to Jury Determination of Eligibility for Death Sentence.”


In January 2016, the United States Supreme Court struck down Florida’s Death Penalty System.


Florida’s Death Penalty System was supposed to change in 2002 after the Ring vs. Arizona case. Instead of changing the Florida’s Death Penalty System, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill aimed at accelerating executions; The State of Florida has contracts with a private prison guaranteeing 90 percent occupancy rate; The Florida Bar seemingly has chosen NOT to PROTECT the PUBLIC (NOT EVEN CHILDREN) from UNETHICAL LAWYERS AS MANDATED BY THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT; the Judicial Qualifications Commission has chosen to recommend that the Florida Supreme Court order the judges to “INVOLUNTARY RETIREMENT,” in spite of their own investigations of the judges concluded that the judges have “a pattern of misconduct.”

Seventeen-year-old, DeShon Thomas, was not wrongly convicted—DESHON THOMAS was by ALL ACCOUNTS—KIDNAPPED—AND FORCED INTO FLORIDA’S PRISON SYSTEM. When state and local government officials FAIL to SERVE the PUBLIC, the future of children, the working class and the poor is just a hundred times as POISONED as the water in Flint, Michigan.