Tallahassee’s Rogue Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell Plots 1st Degree Murder Hit on Defendant

Tallahassee, FL—Could Tallahassee’s increase in bank robberies be due to the relationship between dual armed bank robber Dawuan Williams and Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell?

State Attorney Willie Meggs gave a press conference to announce Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder charges against DeShon Thomas in August 2012—while withholding the name of the “hitman.” However, court records show that Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, who was prosecuting Mr. Thomas at the time, was the source of the plot. During an Evidentiary Hearing held on August 18, 2012 in front of former Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin acknowledged that Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell—not an “anonymous caller”—sent him to the Leon County Jail to speak with Dawuan Williams. At that time, “Mr. Williams agreed to help us.” Within an hour of State Attorney Jason Newlin’s first meeting with Mr. Williams, Mr. Williams was released from the Leon County Jail. Within 24 hours after his release, Mr. Williams was provided with money and other means from both State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell and State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin appeared in T.V. One’s Fatal Attraction: Crippled by Blood; that depicted then 17-year-old Tallahassee Community College freshman, DeShon Thomas, as a cold-blooded murderer of two of his friends and a gang member. There is/was no evidence to prove State Prosecutor Jack Campbell’s case against Mr. Thomas. But there is/was evidence to prove that State Prosecutor Jack Campbell was the source of the 1st Degree Murder Hit on a defendant.

The “wheeling and dealing” going on behind closed doors at State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office just may be the reason for the surge of crime in Tallahassee. People in the community know who the real murders are and they know the bank robber who was released from jail and provided with money by officials.

As the son of former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, State Prosecutor Jack Campbell is surrounded by many enablers to his “Rogue” actions—including The Florida Bar, Governor Rick Scott, State Attorney General Pam Bondi and many others. Dismissing a Florida Bar complaint and an Ethics complaint filed against John “Jack” Emmett Campbell is not helping him or the citizens of Tallahassee. Imprisoning Mr. Thomas for crimes that he did not commit did not make the city of Tallahassee a safer community. State Prosecutor Jack Campbell, a man with judicial authority, who looked into the lens of a camera and lied on a child (DeShon Thomas) without batting an eye—he, Jack Campbell, is a dangerous threat to not just the citizens of Tallahassee, but to the citizens in any community. Jack Campbell is just as disturbed as Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, who called in a robbery, staged his own crime scene and then shot himself to death.

WCTV announced that Jack Campbell is running to replace Willie Meggs as Florida’s 2nd Judicial State Attorney. Not even WCTV’s announcement was an honest announcement. In the online article, it stated that Jack Campbell attended Florida State University College of Law. Florida State University College of Law is not reflected on John “Jack” Emmett Campbell’s profile on The Florida Bar’s website—instead—Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. On another website, Jack Campbell claims to have studied Biology and History at Florida State University.

The future is highly unpredictable. Instead of enabling Jack Campbell’s “Rogue” actions—someone seriously needs to address them. Jack Campbell needs mental help.


SN: Former Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, who presided over many of the cases that were prosecuted by Jack Campbell, had been found by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission to have shown “a pattern of misconduct.” Afterwards, Jackie Fulford claimed to have a “disability.” Instead of following through with legal actions, the commission recommended to the Florida Supreme Court that Jackie Fulford settle with “involuntary retirement.” Jackie Fulford presided over a Death Penalty case being prosecuted by Jack Campbell—one could only wonder how her “disability” affected her decisions on that case and others.