Tallahassee, Florida—Parents Be Aware: Law Enforcement and Judicial Officials Conspire—UNFRIENDLY

Tallahassee, FL—Whether you stand with or stand against former Florida State University student, Erica Kinsman, in regards to her allegations of rape involving former Florida State University student/star quarterback/Heisman trophy winner—Jameis Winston—the truth of the matter is she reported the incident to law enforcement officials and they should have properly and thoroughly investigated her allegations. Law enforcement heavily depends on the community to help keep the streets safe. Why should it ever be an inconvenience for law enforcement to investigate allegations of criminal activity? Are law enforcement officials so caught up with tailgating and attending football games to the point where safety is not so much of a concern?

In the deposition of the Tallahassee Police Officer investigating the Erica Kinsman case, the police officer admits to not asking the business owner about possible surveillance video. The video—if there was any—may have extremely helped in the investigation. In today’s time, when any video clip can make or break a case—the lack of a veteran police officer’s investigation should be troubling to parents.

How many other cases have been improperly investigated?

Fourteen-year-old, Khalid Muhammad and 15-year-old, Theodus Holloway, were students at Godby High School when they were accused of raping a girl in the dugout during school hours. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office had jurisdiction over the case. The two boys were immediately arrested. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell was assigned to prosecute the case. The boys were charged as adults. They were convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Logan Murphy was seventeen-years old and attending Lincoln High School when he walked in the home of the Butler family and shot their son, 17-year-old, Robert Butler—killing him in his own home. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office had jurisdiction over the case. In spite of immediately having access to Logan Murphy, as well as witnesses on hand and the firearm that was used in the murder, Logan Murphy was not arrested until days—if not a months after the fatal shooting. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell was assigned to prosecute the case. Logan Murphy was charged as an adult. Logan Murphy entered a plea to manslaughter charges—adjudication was withheld (he will not have a felony conviction on his record), and Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford sentenced him to up to three years in a juvenile detention facility. Logan Murphy was not charged with possession of a firearm by a juvenile delinquent.

Fifteen-year-old, Hunter Goodwin, and 16-year-old, Cody Elkins, were students at Chiles High School when they were charged for their part in the death of fourteen-year-old, Ansley Rayborn, a fellow classmate. Ansley Rayborn was ejected from Hunter Goodwin’s parents Chevy Tahoe, while Hunter Goodwin was driving (he lost control of the vehicle). Hunter Goodwin was charged with third-degree murder, vehicular homicide and grand theft of a motor vehicle. Cody Elkins was charged with manslaughter and tampering with evidence. These charges came down on the boys’ months after Ansley Rayborn’s death. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction of the investigation. Some people in the community thought that the boys were not going to be charged due to 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs’ friendship with Hunter Goodwin’s grandfather. Eventually, State Attorney Willie Meggs requested Governor Rick Scott recuse his office from the case. Governor Rick Scott assigned the case to the State Attorney’s Office in Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit.

Over fifteen years, State Attorney Willie Meggs has repeatedly assigned Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to prosecute many, many cases against children who were being investigated by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is the son of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell (now deceased). Many defense attorneys and families of defendants complained to Governor Rick Scott and judges seeking to have their cases heard by either another assistant state attorney within the 2nd Judicial Circuit or a special prosecutor to prevent bias in the courtroom. The majority of Jack Campbell’s witnesses consisted of his dad’s employees (Leon County Sheriff’s staff members) and witnesses who had been intimidated by his dad’s employees.

Far too many cases involving children—rather they be of criminal intent or accidental or just outright unaware of the incident—are not being investigated properly. In most cases, even the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office was told not to release the victims’ autopsy reports. In some cases, law enforcement officers either had lied or kept quiet about information to prevent the public from knowing about cases that were not investigated properly and thoroughly. State Attorney Willie Meggs has the authority to charge criminal cases. If it makes sense to him that he, himself, may be bias—and unable to properly and thoroughly prosecute a case against the grandson of a friend—then how could it not make sense to him that Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell would not be bias—and unable to properly and thoroughly prosecute cases against defendants whom his dad and/or his dad’s deputies had arrested as the perpetrator of a criminal act?

It is now known that a “Fake Cop” was working with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Unit. Donald Odham, the “Fake Cop” was given a patrol car and allowed to carry out the duties of a detective—including interrogating children. All of the cases involving “Leon County Sheriff Detective Don Odham” left families of the victims and the defendants questioning the integrity and investigation of law enforcement and State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office. Without knowing that “Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham” was not a real cop—families took it upon themselves to reach out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for help.

Many parents agree that there’s nothing “friendly” about any criminal investigation. Many more parents appreciate law enforcement and judicial officials when they perform their jobs according to the Constitution. It’s only when law enforcement and judicial officials act outside of their training and fail to uphold their sworn oaths to protect all citizens and conspire against citizens—innocent or not—as to when things become “unfriendly.”