Behind the Mask: Nancy Daniels ‘Evil Doer’ (Lead Public Defender, 2nd Judicial Circuit, Florida)

Tallahassee, FL—According to news media outlets across the United States, the Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ has made Florida Governor Rick Scott their latest “Target” in regards to several acts of corruption within Florida’s Judicial System, with corruption being supported by The Florida Bar and the Judicial Qualifications Commission, all headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida’s a.k.a Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit, where Lead Public Defender, Nancy Daniels, has held office since 1990.

When women bonded together to fight in ‘The Women’s Rights Movement’, the bond was tight, but it was not tight enough! Oh, yes, women received some ‘rights,’ but, yet, and still today, women are not only fighting for equal pay—to receive the same pay as men for the same work—women are fighting just to have control over their own bodies. Now, as Nancy Daniels has finally decided to retire, the question MAUL has for the outgoing, long-serving Public Defender is, “If you were not going to ‘SHOW RESPECT FOR WOMEN WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR YOU,’ if you were not going to ‘HOLD YOUR HEAD UP’ and ‘FIGHT TO UPHOLD THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUION,’ then WHY ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE LOWER THAN ANY RIGHTLY CONVICTED CRIMINAL THAT YOUR OFFICE HAS REPRESENTED?

For more than two decades, Nancy Daniels has been 2nd Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs’ JUDICIAL WHORE!

Granted—public defense is not easy. Public defenders are paid far less and have far less resources than state prosecutors. The folks at Gideon’s Promise, formerly known as Public Defender Southern Training Center, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, are continuously striving to fully support those who have chosen careers as public defenders. Mr. Jonathan Rapping, the founder and president of Gideon’s Promise, is an Associate Professor of Law and a nationally renowned criminal justice innovator. Mr. Rapping’s does not teach public defenders to win their criminal cases through corruption. Nancy Daniels could have clearly used some of her time to attend Mr. Rapping’s training in her career. Instead, Nancy Daniels chose to LIE—and to LIE down in any position State Attorney Willie Meggs and Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell ordered of her—and allow them to have their way with her and any indigent client that she represented. WHAT A WHORE!

Nancy Daniels conspired with Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell to manipulate pay codes in order to have cases that their office passed over (withdrew) to be handed off to any defense attorney of Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell’s choosing. Not only does manipulating the pay codes hurt indigent clients, it cuts the throats—and cuts the hearts out of defense attorneys registered with the state of Florida, who may have been willing to do all that they can to help those who cannot help themselves.

In May 2014, Nancy Daniels was awarded with the Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte Commitment to Justice Award, during Steppin’ Out 2014, an annual celebration hosted by the Innocence Project of Florida. Amazingly, it was during this celebration where the Florida Innocence Project honored Brian Banks, a California exoneree, who was wrongly convicted. (Attorney General Pam Bondi has failed to overturn convictions, so the Florida Innocence Project had to borrow Mr. Banks from California.) As Florida Governor Rick Scott tends to reward criminals (current Sheriff Mike Wood), Nancy Daniels was honored seven months after she stood in front of 2nd Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford and talk of how she manipulate pay codes for “certain defense attorneys” to get paid—defense attorneys chosen by Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell. A process that not even Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford knew existed—before being appointed to the bench. Judge Jackie Fulford worked as an assistant state attorney for State Attorney Willie Meggs for nearly a decade—Jackie Fulford and Jack Campbell were co-workers for more many years. The process Nancy Daniels fed to Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford underscores the “EVIL” within Nancy Daniels.

One of the key points of Nancy Daniels’ manipulation of pay codes for “certain defense attorneys” is to give State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office leverage in cases against indigent clients—in most high profile cases within Leon County (Tallahassee)—Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell was assigned as prosecutor. Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell is the son of long-serving Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell (died while in office in 2014). State Attorney Willie Meggs, who prosecutes cases in six counties—assigned nearly all high profile cases that were being investigated by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office—to Sheriff Campbell’s son, Jack to prosecute. The vast majority of Jack Campbell’s witnesses were his dad’s employees—Leon County Sheriff’s Office personnel. In the double murder case against Tallahassee Community College freshman, DeShon Thomas, instead of using AT&T data and documents to pinpoint cell phone pings of DeShon’s cell phone (track phone), Leon County Sheriff Criminal Analyst Leslie Rabon, used excel spreadsheets that she altered along with her printouts from Mapquest during her trial testimony—which was in favor of State Prosecutor Jack Campbell.

Nancy Daniels has been credited for bringing Drug Court into the 2nd Judicial Circuit. Drug Court failed Florida State University graduate Rachel Hoffman. Ms. Hoffman attending Drug Court more than likely tipped law enforcement officers off—and made her a target and vulnerable. Ms. Hoffman is dead. Nancy Daniels failed seventeen-year-old, DeShon Thomas, and the victims—bank employees at both SunTrust Bank and Farmers and Merchants Bank in Tallahassee—when she manipulated the pay codes for an already convicted felon, Dawaun Williams, after Mr. Williams had robbed two banks. Through Nancy Daniels’ manipulating pay codes, allowed “a certain attorney” to represent Mr. Williams. That “certain attorney”—a private attorney—was handpicked by Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell— and was registered with the state of Florida to defend capital cases only. Mr. Williams’ cases were not capital cases. The private attorney was a luxury payment for Mr. Williams for testifying in a double homicide case being investigated by Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and that Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell was prosecuting where he (The Campbell Klan) had no physical evidence against 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas. DeShon Thomas has been KIDNAPPED—NOT WRONGLY CONVICTED!

The ‘Grand Scheme in Tallahassee Courts’ was in full effect for years. The ‘Good Ol’ Boys Network’, that Nancy Daniels, in her ‘Whorish Ways’, LIE down for ALL OF THE BOYS. Hopefully, the citizens of Tallahassee—and all of Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit—will be better off without her. Where did the parents of Nancy Daniels, former Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, and Florida State Attorney General Pamela Jo Bondi FAIL? These women, who may have once been regarded as “worthy women,” are WORTHLESS. And for what? For men to have their way with them? Extra money in their bank accounts? Lavish plane rides and hot meals? WOW!!!! Without a doubt these women ADMINISTERED A HUGE INJUSTICE TO WOMEN RIGHTS.

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