Jack Campbell: The Florida Bar ’s Ticking Time Bomb

Tallahassee, FL—What kind of career path as one of Florida’s 2nd Judicial Assistant State’s Attorney/Prosecutor did The Florida Bar anticipate Jack Campbell would have knowing the possibility of him prosecuting criminal cases under the investigative jurisdiction of his daddy, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, an elected county official?

Before Larry Campbell was elected as Leon County Sheriff back in 1996, Larry Campbell had already clocked over 25 years of time spent at various agencies in the Tallahassee area, including with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement alongside his good buddy, former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. Larry Campbell’s longtime law enforcement service bonded him with another local elected official, 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs. Together both Larry Campbell and Willie Meggs formed and executed plans to groom their sons to rule Tallahassee without any concerns of law and order.

In 2001, Jack Campbell, who was in his late twenties, was logged into The Florida Bar and went on to work for 2nd Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs. The Florida Bar, the organization that regulates all licensed attorneys in the state of Florida, is located two blocks east of the Leon County Courthouse, which is where 2nd Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs’ main office is housed. According to reports, Jack Campbell had previously been charged with Driving While Under the Influence and was placed on probation by the Florida Bar and was not supposed to practice law.

Did 2nd Judicial State Attorney Willie Meggs and the late Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell knowingly support Jack Campbell’s prosecution of criminal cases knowing that The Florida Bar had not cleared him to do so?

Constitutional, state and local laws are written to apply to everyone regardless of race, gender, relationship, religion and creed. Under oath, State Attorney Willie Meggs and the late Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell swore to uphold all constitutional, state and local laws, and to protect all citizens in Leon County and the five surrounding counties.

In 2013, The Florida Bar received a complaint against Jack Campbell in regards to numerous violations written out in plain language on its website. Instead of sufficiently addressing the complaint, The Florida Bar dismissed the complaint—thus, not wanting to abide by its own rules. Sadly, it seems that in order for The Florida Bar to acknowledge a complaint against Jack Campbell, would be equivalent to them acknowledging that they failed the citizens in Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit—which would be like having their own ticking time bomb blow up in their faces.

Today, with 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs’ upcoming retirement, Jack Campbell is seeking to be elected the next Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney. In a recent forum held by the Tallahassee Democrat, 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney candidates, Jack Campbell and Pete Williams, the moderators asked several questions about past, present, and future events to come that would affect the citizens in Tallahassee/Leon County and the other five counties that make up the 2nd Judicial Circuit.

Disgustingly, and in such a cavalier tone—a tone that one would speak in after being questioned by their wife about not leaving a tip on the table for the waitress who provided excellent service at a restaurant after eating and enjoying their meals—Jack Campbell accepted responsibility for playing softball, allowing “Restorative Justice” to play a role in the cold-blooded murder case of 18-year-old Ann Grosmaire. For those who are not familiar with Ms. Ann Grosmaire’s case, this young girl was an emotional wreck—on her hands and knees, crying and pleading for her life—when her boyfriend put a shotgun to her face and pulled the trigger and blew her brains out! Restorative Justice is what is used to resolve high school disputes over property—not cold-blooded murder! Did State Attorney Willie Meggs and all of his years as a “Tough Prosecutor” groom his chief Assistant State’s Attorney Jack Campbell to see women as property and not human beings?

The Tallahassee Democrat recorded: “Jack Campbell said he hoped to take Meggs’ teachings on making tough prosecutorial decisions his own: the facts are either there or they’re not.”

In Ann Grosmaire’s cold-blooded murder case, the fact of the matter was that her 19-year-old boyfriend/murderer, Conor McBride, had anger management problems coupled with a history of being abusive towards Ann—a fact that Ann’s parents did not know existed until well after Conor McBride’s arrest. However, State Attorney Willie Meggs and Chief Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell had been well informed about Conor McBride’s history and the events that led up to Ann’s final moments of life.

There are far too many cases in Tallahassee where women and children have been/ are being victimized by both perpetrators and State Attorney Willie Meggs’, along with some Meggs’ top employees such as Jack Campbell, Georgia Cappleman, and Eric Trombley. While Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have chosen to look the other way while victims like Ansley Rayborn, Lance Love, and Cornellius Poole, and so many others continue to mount, it’s just a matter of time before The Florida Bar’s ‘ticking time bomb,’ Jack Campbell, explodes!