Governor Rick Scott’s Criminal Sheriff Appointee Loses Miserably in Tallahassee

Tallahassee,FL—Forget protecting innocent children from being sent to adult prisons. Forget asking the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate rogue law enforcement officials. Forget the whole “If you see something, say something” campaign launched by the Department of Homeland Security to encourage citizens in their communities to work together with their local law enforcement official to protect everyone. Forget all of the hundreds of full-time law abiding veteran law enforcement officials who specifically spent their whole life avoiding getting involved in criminal acts so that they could have a highly prosperous career as a bonafide law enforcement official under great leadership. Forget all of them!


First of all there was absolutely nothing great about Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Second, Governor Rick Scott chose not to get involved while former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son 2nd Judicial Circuit Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, along with 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney Willie Meggs and 2nd Judicial Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson conspired together against a black youth. Seventeen-year-old, DeShon Thomas, who was a freshman at Tallahassee Community College, was charged in 2011 with Two Counts of First Degree Murder, Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent and Solicitation to Commit 1st Degree Murder. Governor Rick Scott was informed about the possibility of a conspiracy to railroaded DeShon into prison. Some of those named in the conspiracy were Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson and Jack Campbell. Governor Rick Scott claimed to not have gotten involved. However, almost instantly Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson was off of DeShon’s case. Circuit Judge James C. Hankinson had been presiding over DeShon’s case for more than 2 years as DeShon’s court process was a more like a “circus” performance.

The tracks were set for DeShon to be sent to prison when seemingly nobody in the legislature—not even judges—reached out to help then Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell truly understand the unethical and immoral actions of an elected official (Larry Campbell) arresting citizens and his son (Jack Campbell) prosecuting the same citizens. This father/son team worked Tallahassee judicial system for more than a decade. This instilled fear in a lot of people—including defense attorneys and witnesses. Of course other officials that were either willing or were not aware of their wrongdoings played a role—the majority many of Jack Campbell’s witnesses were law enforcement officials who worked for his dad.

In December 2014, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell passed away. The following month, Governor Rick Scott overlooked hundreds of qualified veterans within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and appointed Mike Woods, as sheriff. A native of Tallahassee, as a 19-year-old, Mike Wood was the younger brother of a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy when he was arrested on criminal drug charges. After getting his record expunged, Mike Wood became a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy. According to reports at the time of Sheriff Larry Campbell’s death, Mike Wood had served 30 years as a Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy and was retired. Why Governor Rick Scott appointed Mike Wood, a Democrat, over all of those hard working bonafide sheriff’s majors/deputies is simple—Mike Wood was Sheriff Larry Campbell’s favorite cadet. And because so many people have been groomed to yield to State Attorney Willie Meggs, Sheriff Larry Campbell and his son Jack Campbell, it was Governor Rick Scott’s duty to yield to Sheriff Larry Campbell’s wishes—to have Mike Wood as sheriff. It was the same yielding to Sheriff Larry Campbell that may have played a major role in the ambush murder of Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith.

On Tuesday night, Governor Rick Scott’s criminal appointee, Leon County Sheriff Mike Wood, who changed his party to Non-Affiliate, lost miserably to Walt McNeil, a Democrat.



John “Jack” Campbell Becomes Florida’s State Attorney Despite Plotting Murder Hit on His Own Witness

Tallahassee, FL—Democratic candidate, Jack Campbell, the son of former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, has been elected Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney.  In the primary, Jack Campbell lost the Democratic vote in Leon County, but defeated his rival Democratic candidate Sean Desmond. Jack Campbell won the race on Tuesday night with the benefit of Leon County being a majority Democratic county. Pete Williams, a Republican who sought to defeat Jack Campbell, hoped to get Democrats to vote outside of their party, but with Leon County being the biggest and the only Democratic county out of the six counties that make up the 2nd Judicial Circuit, the majority of Democrats must have down voted Democrats on their ballots, thus, giving Jack Campbell the win. Jack Campbell is set to replace long serving Democrat State Attorney Willie Meggs. Jack Campbell, who has worked his entire fifteen year legal career as an Assistant State Attorney for Willie Meggs, has been pacified and well protected for many years by Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies, Leon County Judges, 2nd Judicial Circuit Judges and The Florida Bar.

State Attorney Willie Meggs’ son and daughter worked directly under former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell, about the same time as State Attorney Willie Meggs was grooming his protégé Jack Campbell. For more than two decades State Attorney Willie Meggs and former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell governed Tallahassee citizens by instilling fear and intimidation to all of those who challenged the law. Inside of a courtroom at the Leon County Courthouse, Assistant State’s Attorney Jack Campbell ordered county and circuit judges to appoint attorneys that he himself hand-selected to represent inmates who’d agreed to help him plot against other inmates. These attorneys, who were paid for with taxpayer dollars, were improperly assigned cases to which they were not supposed to be assigned, but were in fear of speaking out against Jack Campbell and all of the judges who agreed to bypass proper court procedures. All sides of the courtroom operated according to Jack Campbell’s direction. Long serving Public Defender Lead Nancy Daniels worked with Jack Campbell by manipulating the pay codes to ensure attorneys otherwise not allowed to work cases outside of their scope were paid. This underhanded way of court procedure was not just unfair to defendants, but it was also unfair to the hundreds of attorneys who were being violated by judges in order to move Jack Campbell forward in his career. When Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was informed of judges and prosecutorial misconduct occurring in the courtrooms of Leon County under Jack Campbell’s direction, Attorney General Pam Bondi deferred the complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Jack Campbell admitted to being the source of a murder plot against one of his own key witnesses when there was concern about the witness not providing testimony in the double murder trial against Tallahassee Community College freshman DeShon Thomas. At the age of 17-years-old, DeShon Thomas was hastily arrested by “Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham” and charged with Two Counts of 1st Degree Murder and Possession of a Firearm by a Juvenile Delinquent. A few months after DeShon’s arrest, DeShon’s mother started receiving text messages on one of her cell phones from a number that she did not recognize. The text messages were about murdering the one and only witness against DeShon. For about two weeks the same text messages continued to come to DeShon’s mother’s cell phone. By then, DeShon’s mother learned that State Attorney Willie Meggs had assigned Jack Campbell to prosecute the case against DeShon, and as a single mother, she was extremely concerned about DeShon’s safety inside of the Leon County Jail which was operated by Jack Campbell’s dad, as well as the safety for her and her other children. Prior to the threatening text messages coming to her cell phone, it was just a rumor to her about the threats and the intimidation that spewed out of State Attorney Willie Meggs and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, now it was her reality. The only three new contacts that she had provided that particular cell phone number to was the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (specifically Detective Don Odham), the Public Defender’s Office and DeShon’s defense attorney Greg Cummings. Though some would think that a mother would want the only witness against her son murdered, not DeShon’s mother because DeShon’s mother knows better. Besides, she’d already talked to the young man, and she knew his fears of Detective Don Odham. After DeShon’s mother had several discussions with Greg Cummings, the text messages stopped. Every criminal case that was under the jurisdiction of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and being prosecuted by Jack Campbell clearly opened up the judicial system to be used as a pit for the Campbell family to spar off against defendants’ families. Jack Campbell, whose dreams were set on some day becoming state’s attorney, won convictions by all means necessary—including having sheriff’s deputies and a doctor commit perjury, and using a law enforcement imposter– Leon County Sheriff’s Detective Don Odham to provide trail testimony.

Over a year and a half, DeShon’s mother became very suspicious about the communication between Greg Cummings and Jack Campbell. State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office refused to allow the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to release the victims’ autopsy reports into Public Record. Greg Cummings refused to discuss the victims autopsy reports with DeShon and refused to provided DeShon and/or DeShon’s mother with a copy of the victims’ autopsy reports. After paying Greg Cummings nearly $30,000, DeShon’s mother filed a complaint with The Florida Bar against Greg Cummings, and told DeShon to fire him. Eventually, DeShon’s mother filed a complaint with The Florida Bar against Jack Campbell. Despite Greg Cummings having admitted to having violated The Florida Bar rules, The Florida Bar has failed to hold him accountable; choosing not to settle the matter. In regards to Jack Campbell, The Florida Bar continues to protect him, despite plotting a murder hit. DeShon was convicted and has been incarcerated for nearly six years. DeShon is INNOCENT!

Being a registered Democrat led to Jack Campbell’s positioning to become 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney, but being a criminal will lead to his downfall and many of those in his circle, including those who continue to protect him and enable him to commit criminal acts. No matter how much time DeShon, an INNOCENT child (now young man) sits in prison—separated from his family, Jack Campbell and his enablers are still losers! The one thing that Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, has taught many elected officials is to not speak when the deck is stacked against you. But the reality is there is no statute of limitations on a federal offense.