Deputy U.S. Marshal Killed In Georgia; State Attorney Willie Meggs and ASA Jack Campbell Make Deals With Dangerous Fugitive Apprehended in Georgia

Tallahassee, FL—In less than a month of Dawuan Najee Williams’ apprehension by the U.S. Marshal’s Southeastern Regional Fugitive Task Force on two separate warrants in Tallahassee/ Leon County for armed bank robbery, ASA Jack Campbell, along with State Attorney Investigator Jason Newlin made deals with Mr. Williams, who had already been convicted of several felonies. Mr. Williams was released from the Leon County Jail, which was under the operation of Jack Campbell’s dad at the time, former Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell. Upon Mr. Williams’ released, Mr. Williams received money and other provisions from State Attorney Willie Meggs’ Office and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. When Mr. Williams’ money ran out, Mr. Williams returned to the life of crime in another county, and was again arrested.

However, with Jack Campbell in debited to Mr. Williams, Jack Campbell and former Second Judicial Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford pacified Mr. Williams’ with special provisions.

Mr. Williams may not have been involved in the latest shooting of Deputy U.S. Marshal in Georgia, but like the fugitive who claimed the life of U.S. Deputy Commander Patrick Carothers, Mr. Williams too had an extensive criminal history.



Once again, since mid-November 2014, the wife and children of fallen Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith will be forced to brace themselves as they try to move through the holiday season without him. Seemingly, former Deputy Chris Smith’s death may have been avoided had there been checks and balances within the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2012, shortly after then Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Campbell was re-elected into office, Sheriff Campbell announced that his cancer had returned. Many within Sheriff Campbell’s inner circle may have known that it was Sheriff Larry Campbell’s wish to die while in office.

Fast forward to the mid-morning hours of November 22, 2014, the day when media reports stated that Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Smith and Leon County Sheriff’s Deputy Colin Wulfekuhl were ambushed by a lone gunman known as having been a threat to law enforcement officers and first responders. Deputy Chris Smith was killed. And Tallahassee first responders were kept away from the immediate scene.

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell did not make an appearance or hold a press conference until 24 hours after Deputy Chris Smith’s murder. At the press conference, a spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office spoke the most, while Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell leaned back against the wall for support. Sheriff Larry Campbell appeared to have been dressed by someone else or with assistance. Sheriff Larry Campbell also appeared very frail, his slurred words were inaudible. Deputy Chris Smith’s death revealed Sheriff Larry Campbell’s severe lack (possibly absence due to battle with cancer) in leadership at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Governor Rick Scott, whose governor’s mansion is located within two miles from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the Leon County Courthouse, did not come to the press conference to speak with the media. According to reports, no one including Jack Campbell informed Governor Rick Scott of Sheriff Campbell’s failing health.

The next month, in December 2014, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell died. Sheriff Larry Campbell’s wish to die in office was fulfilled, but with an extremely high price.



Many Tallahasseans know that State Attorney Willie Meggs has been grooming State Attorney Jack Campbell to be his successor after his retirement. State Attorney Willie Meggs has been in office for more than 30 years. In 2001, Jack Campbell began working for Willie Meggs as an assistant state attorney, while Willie Meggs’ son and daughter worked for Jack Campbell’s dad, Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell as sheriff’s deputies. State Attorney Willie Meggs assigned Jack Campbell to prosecute many cases that were being investigated by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Jack Campbell, a native of Tallahassee, along with his dad, and State Attorney Willie Meggs’ and the Meggs family, have high terroristic like influence over the citizens in Tallahassee/ Leon County. Jack Campbell used many of his dad’s employees at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office to commit perjury and smuggle contraband into the Leon County Jail, and Jack Campbell has had Dr. Anthony J. Clark with the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office, (who may be affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital) to commit perjury –in order to secure conviction. The Florida Bar and the Commissions on Ethics have dismissed complaints against Jack Campbell. The complaints filed against Jack Campbell were similar complaints that have led to the disbarment and/or public reprimand of other attorneys in Florida.

A lot of college students fear going to the police due to becoming victims of the very judicial system that is supposed to be in place to protect them. Both Tallahassee Defense Attorneys Sean Desmond (Democrat) and Pete Williams (Republican) were failed by The Florida Bar as contenders to Florida’s 2nd Judicial State Attorney’s Office that would have lifted the decades old”terror threat / attack” off of many citizens in Leon County.

Jack Campbell is supposed to take office as Florida’s 2nd Judicial State Attorney in January 2017 after having been elected—though losing to voters in Tallahassee. In the videos section on this page is a video of Jack Campbell admitting to ordering judges to appoint certain attorneys of his own selection to cases, and manipulating the pay codes with Public Defender Nancy Daniels to have those attorneys receive pay. The message Jack Campbell has sent to hundreds of local attorneys is that if you’re not one of his “favorites” or if you don’t “wheel and deal” with him, then you won’t feed your family, because The Florida Bar and no one else will protect you no matter what.

State Attorneys and Assistant State Attorneys who make deals with violent criminals put law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens lives in danger. Willie Meggs, the late Larry Campbell and his son Jack Campbell have shown time and time again that protecting law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens was/is not priority on their agendas—just their own “power trip.”