Seminole High School Teacher Fired After Marijuana Arrest

In Seminole County, Florida, Richard Joy, a Seminole High School social studies teacher, was arrested for having felony amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his home. School Board members voted to have the teacher, who’d been working in the district for 6 years, fired. Rumor has it that the teacher may have been selling marijuana to students. However, deputies say there’s no evidence at this time to show that he’d been selling marijuana to students. An anonymous tip is what led deputies to the teacher’s home.

Where are the adults in the schools?

What people do in their homes is beyond my control. But when a person takes a job as a school teacher, that person signs off on rules, regulations, policies, etc. that they will abided by. If a teacher wants to smoke marijuana, then he/she needs to find another career path. Simply because of the influential position that teachers have on all students–directly and indirectly. Think about how many students at Seminole High School went home and told their parents and their siblings about this teacher’s arrest. As a parent, that’s a setback in your teaching of ethics.