A Former Cocoa Beach Police Officer Charged with Having Sex with a Minor

In Brevard County, FL, Alysia Flynn, a mother and former Cocoa Beach police officer, is facing 97 felony charges, some including having sex with a minor. It’s been reported that her son and the minor that she’s been accused of having sex with attend the same high school. Alysia Flynn has been married for 13 years. Her husband says that he will continue to support his wife.

Where are the adults in the police office/ community?

This is a very unfortunate situation for all families and their communities. This stretches way out there because not only is the loss of trust in a law enforcement officer destroyed, but a mother–what happens to her children and their state of mind? And the minor who she’s been accused of having sex with–what about his state of mind and his family, especially his siblings state of mind? These types of situations affects generations. This situation sort of hits home with me because my son was invited to an ex-law enforcement officer’s home–and because of the carelessness of the homeowner and his adult son–my son and my family has been scared. Law enforcement agents and teachers are pillars in their communities. I used to think–what parent wouldn’t want their child to be friends with a child of a law enforcement officer? Now, I don’t know what to think.