More Parents Look into Homeschooling Their Children

Osceola, FL– With all of the controversy surrounding the FCAT test, more than 18,000 attendees were on hand at the 25th Annual Florida Parent Educators Association Expo at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida . At the expo parents attended workshops and purchased homeschool materials.

It has been reported that parents are realizing that teachers are focusing too much time with preparing students for the FCAT test and not enough time on the students entire learning needs. Since homeschoolers are not required to take the FCAT test, this alternative education may eliminate some of the pressures on the parents and students.

My Homeschool Experience

I Homeschooled my kids on and off throughout their school years. When they weren’t working on a Homeschool curriculum, they were mostly in private schools. I allowed my nephew to attend a public school because I was told that the school would meet his special needs. When my older son reached his high school years he went from Homeschool to a Catholic high school. My youngest son, was Homeschooled up until he got caught up in the Juvenile Justice System. However, the detention facility where he was placed for months failed, to meet his required educational subjects. Upon his release, we opted for him to get his General Education Diploma (he passed with flying colors on the 1st sitting), he was 16-years-old. Both of my sons enrolled in college. My oldest son graduated from Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University. My youngest son was in his 2nd semester at Tallahassee Community College when he was arrested.

I would’ve loved to Homeschool my kids through all of their school years. However, being a single parent and working full-time, was a lot. Although there are programs out there that require little supervision (based on your child’s age), you still have to participate (make sure child is completing assignments, administer quizes and tests). The good thing about the homeschooling program my kids were enrolled in–was the DVDs kind of gave them a classroom experience. If asked–my kids would probably say that they didn’t like being Homeschooled. A lot of that would be due to the lack of socializing.   

I used Abeka Academy’s Homeschool Curriculum