FCAT Writing Scores Dip Drastically/ Robert Champion’s Death

School district superintendents across the state are urging parents not to worry about the drastic decrease among students in regards to Florida Ccomprehensive Assessment Test writing scores. What is being reported is that last year at least 81 percent of 4th graders passed the test on level 4. This year about 27 percent of 4th graders passed on level 4. How does a parent not panic? That’s a tremendous dip. I know for a fact that school teachers are not the same today as they were when I was in school. It’s going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. Maybe when it’s all said and done–the school district superintendents will say that they felt betrayed by their principals and teachers the same way Dr. Julian White, the band director at FAMU said that he felt betrayed by his students and staff.


Where are the adults/ chaperones here?

Dr. White–what happened to roll call before boarding the bus? What college student wouldn’t try to get away with whatever? It’s sad enough that Robert Champion lost his life on the trip to Orlando. His parents knew that he was in the band and they knew that he was taking the bus back to the hotel. What they probably didn’t know was that on that same bus were young adults who were not band members. If something would’ve happen to one of the young adults on the bus who was not a band members–I can’t help but to wonder if him/ her themselves would’ve been the one to blame? How much attention would his/ her death had gotten? And if people would’ve felt sympathy for the family or what? That’s why it is so important to get the message that Robert Champion’s death is sending. There has to be major changes that will protect our children when they go off to college.