Will Democrat State Attorney Win Reinforce Safety Net for Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi?

Tallahassee, FL—Democrat candidate Jack Campbell’s upcoming position as Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney may just be reinforcement of Willie Meggs’ decision to not prosecute Governor Rick Scott for violating Florida’s Public Records Law.

In December 2014, the ruling was handed down that Governor Rick Scott “Broke Law with Private Emails.” State Attorney Willie Meggs, a member of the Democratic Party, chose not to prosecute Rick Scott. Refusing to prosecute Governor Scott was strange to so many people considering how aggressive Meggs went after former House Speaker Ray Sansom, a Republican, on charge of corruption. Meggs fell flat on his face—leaving taxpayers with a $600,000 bill—to cover Mr. Sansom’s legal fees. (Rick Scott’s legal fees were at or above $1,ooo,ooo for taxpayers to cover.)

In 2012, both Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi were asked to assign a special prosecutor in the case involving 17-year-old, DeShon Thomas, a Black male freshman at Tallahassee Community College. DeShon Thomas had been charged by Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell with numerous crimes, including two counts of 1st degree murder, possession of a firearm by a juvenile delinquent and solicitation to commit 1st degree murder. DeShon is INNOCENT! After DeShon’s mother learned that State Attorney Willie Meggs had assigned Sheriff Larry Campbell’s son to prosecute the case against DeShon, she immediately thought, ‘conflict of interest.’ At the time, Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs were up for re-election. The job of Sheriff Campbell’s son, Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, was to make his daddy and his boss look great—to get re-elected by all means necessary. And when both Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi chose not to get involved, Assistant State Attorney—Chief Prosecutor Jack Campbell withheld evidence—refused to allow the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office to release both victims’ autopsy reports—which is a violation of Florida’s Public Records law. Every attorney, private paid and court appointed grew frustrated with the judicial process. Leon County Sheriff’s deputies who were on the witness list committed perjury—their boss Sheriff Campbell were not going to hold them accountable for helping his son—who was in turn helping him get re-elected. State Attorney Willie Meggs was not going to prosecute any of Sheriff Campbell’s deputies who were helping his office, and Sheriff Campbell’s son win cases.

DeShon Thomas and his family are faced with EVILDOERS!!!!!!!!!

Almost immediately after Rick Scott was sworn into the Governor’s Office, Scott had been under investigation for violating Florida’s Public Records law. The same law violation that DeShon’s mother brought to Attorney General Pam Bondi’s attention.

In 2014, a year after DeShon was convicted and sent into Florida Prison System,  DeShon’s mother received a part of what she had requested from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office three years earlier. One day DeShon’s mother pulled out an envelope from her mailbox. The envelope was from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office. Inside of the envelope was a copy of Laqecia Herring’s Autopsy Report. Even after DeShon’s conviction, the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office is choosing to continue to support Jack Campbell’s violation of public records. DeShon’s mother requested from the District Two Medical Examiner’s Office by phone and email—Autopsy Reports of both victims—Laqecia Herring and Sterling Conner Jr.

Why was it ever an issue to release the victims’ autopsy reports? DeShon’s mother had been threatened with jail due to requesting a copy of the victims’ autopsy reports. DeShon’s mother paid Defense Attorney Gregory Cummings nearly $30,000—and even he refused to fulfill his obligations and withheld the victims’ autopsy reports from DeShon.

The citizens of Tallahassee voted to end corruption in their city. Forty-four-year-old, John Emmett “Jack” Campbell was born and raised in Tallahassee—Leon County. In the primary election—Jack Campbell lost the Democratic vote in Tallahassee/ Leon County. Imagine that—a native—losing in his own hometown. Leon County is the only Democratic County in the panhandle of the six counties that make up the 2nd Judicial Circuit—all the five surrounding counties are Republican. Attorney Pete Williams, a Republican, was a candidate that received votes from both Democrats and Republicans in Leon County. Yet, Mr. Williams lost—more than likely because Scott and Bondi needed a safety net.

The Florida Bar failed Pete Williams and Sean Desmond, and the citizens of Tallahassee/Leon County, and the citizens of Wakulla, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson and Liberty.





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