A Low-Down Dirty Shame: Corrupt Sheriff Found Guilty; Popular Defense Attorney also Found Guilty turns on Sheriff for Plea Deal

Whenever a company is found to have put out a bad product, whether it be a food product or a manufacturing product, they are morally responsible to inform the public about the product’s defect. Companies usually do this by “recalling” the product using mass media networks.

On Sunday, May 6, 2012, I sat and watched the T.V. show 60 Minutes. I don’t remember when was the last time I’d watched the show but I was glad to have caught last night’s episode reported by Byron Pitts. He reported on how two brave young reporters took down the Whitley County Sheriff back in 2009. Whitley County is located in Kentucky. The sheriff and his friend (a popular local defense attorney) were found to be low-down and dirty. Which is where I got today’s headline.

While watching Byron Pitts segment, I couldn’t help but to think about the Leon Count Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office and their handlings of not just my son’s case but other cases that have passed through their jurisdiction. Some Leon County Sheriff employees have come out and exposed some of the unethical practices that are being exercised in the workplace. Some of the employees clearly stating that Sheriff Larry Campbell operates under the ‘Good Ole Boy’ network (sounds familiar). No corrupt leader serves justice to the community. Which leads me back to product “recall”.

When a sheriff is believed to be corrupt, it is only fair for the community to take action and make the sheriff answer direct questions from ordianary citizens. If he/ she cannot answer the questions directly, then a special election needs to be put into effect immediately (recall). Because it’s our tax dollars that are going to pay for that sheriff’s corrupt actions. Who do you think is paying for the death of Rachel Hoffman? Not the Tallahassee Police Department. Her parents were awarded 2.4 million dollars! So if you don’t live long enough to pay them off, your children will pick up where you left off. Especially if your income is within the lower to middle-class income bracket. Remember–it’s the citizens within the upper-class income bracket that gets all of the tax breaks. And more than likely the head of a law enforcement agency is with out a doubt within that upper-class income bracket. So now–you tell me–how does a corrupt leader serve the community?

If you’re interesed in viewing/ reading the segment about the corrupt sheriff in Whitley County, click on the 60 Minutes link below:


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